Shampoos & Conditioners

Cleanse. Condition. Restore.
Experience our collection of lavishly rich, and moisturizing detangling and clarifying botanical shampoos and our hydrating and strengthening conditioners. They are elementally balanced with mild, surfactant free cleansers, conditioning agents, humectants, exotic oils and strengthening patented micro proteins that penetrated deep into the core of the hair shaft. As the first layer of defense, these work collectively to revitalize the hair leaving it silky, soft, and radiantly healthy.

Alpha E™

imageA gentle clarifying shampoo - Elementally balanced to cleanse hair of impurities, buildup of styling aids, minerals, and chlorine. Suitable for chemically relaxed and natural hair.




Core Precipitation™

imageEntitled for its inner most hydration, this moisturizing shampoo detangles and conditions. Panthenol delivers shine while (ionic) hydrolyzed wheat proteins rebuild damaged areas of the cuticle layer.




Core Hydration™

imageA rich, indulgent complex moisturizing conditioner that penetrate hair layers providing the optimal moisture balance to achieve soft, pliable hair. Botanical extracts of yucca and horsetail conditions and hydrates. Dry and brittle hair is revitalized with an abundance of life giving conditioning agents and botanical extracts.







Intensive Strengthening Treatment. This 5 in 1 normalizing reconstructor, features a revolutionary hydrolyzed wheat protein, realigns and seals cuticles after chemical treatment with superpenetrating action, rebuilds hair from the cortex level. Dramatically, rebuilds hair elasticity and reduces hair breakage after chemical or color treatment. This neutralizing conditioner, blended with avocado oil and a moisture-loc humectant, keeps hair soft, pliable, detangled, and moisturized.


Botanical Lipid Complex™

imageEnriched with S3 Complex™, this botanical lipid serum delivers the essential lipid content to help maintain hair elasticity and sheen. A rich blend of antioxidants, Vitamin E, grape seed oil, yucca, horsetail extract and sage nourish the hair and scalp. Light enough to spray, rich enough to deliver enhanced results. Contains -olive, macadamia, and almond oils. Use solely as a hot oil treatment or with Core Hydration™.


Indego E™ | treatments

imageAnti-breakage serum. Fortifi es hair as a leave conditioner, enriched with hydrolyzed wheat proteins to strengthen weak hair with added moisture loc complex™ to soften and detangle dry, brittle hair.





Manna™ | scalp therapy

imageNourishment for the scalp. A light weight replenishing scalp balm formulated to deliver nutrients to the follicles , promote hair growth, retard dandruff, and help reduce scalp irritations – botanical extracts of rosemary , sage, and tea tree condition & soothe stressed scalps. FOR RELAXED AND NATURAL HAIR.