Relaxed. Reinforced. Revitalized.


The evolution of relaxers is here.... Introducing Resilience Conditioning Relaxer System™ by hair elements™. The worlds First Sensitive Scalp Sodium Relaxer. The Resilience Conditioning Relaxer System™ delivers on the promise of achieving chemically relaxed yet vibrant hair, full of body and radiant shine. Formulated for most sensitive scalps, Resilience Conditioning Relaxer System™ delivers all the comfort of the traditional Calcium, Guanidine or Lithium Sensitive Scalp relaxers with the non-drying and superior moisturizing benefits of a Sodium Hydroxide formulated relaxer. The exclusive patented hydrolyzed micro oat protein complex strengthens deep into the core of the hair shaft, while exotic Shea butter and Avocado oil effectively maintain critical elasticity, conditions, replenishes and restores the cuticle layer to its healthiest state. It’s the perfect balance of relaxed and healthy well conditioned hair.

Superior Results, Exceeding Expectations...Relaxing will never be the same!

AVAILABLE IN: Mild (Fine/Color Treated), Normal and Elevated Normal


Intensive Strengthening Treatment. This 5 in 1 normalizing reconstructor, features a revolutionary hydrolyzed wheat protein, realigns and seals cuticles after chemical treatment with superpenetrating action, rebuilds hair from the cortex level. Dramatically, rebuilds hair elasticity and reduces hair breakage after chemical or color treatment. This neutralizing conditioner, blended with avocado oil and a moisture-loc humectants, keeps hair soft, pliable, detangled, and moisturized.


Normalizing & Chelating shampoos Breathe easy. Relaxer assurance is here...Restore, a neutralizing conditioning shampoos with chelating agents, gently returns hair to a healthy pH after the relaxer
treatment. Balanced, clean hair is achieved after each shampoos.


Protective scalp base that provides a thin layer of protection without slowing down the realer process. Conditioning agents in this soothing and aromaic base starts the conditoning process prior to relaxing.