Product Overview

To my fellow Beauty Industry Professionals:

The hair elements™ systems that we present to you today are a culmination of 15 years of extensive research and our partnership with salon industry professionals and their critical input. It is because of these factors that we whole heartedly and enthusiastically stand behind the formulations that make up hair elements™ UPSCALE SALON EXCLUSIVE SYSTEMS™.

Our team of Formulators and Evaluators began with the end in mind. We endeavored to create a Salon Professional grade system capable of performing at the highest level and exceeding expectations. Each product was to be an important component of the whole system. The concept of “infusion by layering” with each step hydrating humectants, moisturizing emollients, elasticity restoring botanical lipids, and strengthening micro hydrolyzed proteins would result in lightweight, soft, silky, strong and healthy Tresses full of body, shine, and a great fragrance.

During the entire process our team had one standard to abide by when getting feedback from our salon professionals. The one overriding question while receiving and analyzing technical and performance feedback was “Do you LOVE the products?” A product was not and currently is not given the seal of approval until a ratio of 7 out of 10 “I love it” is achieved.

This is my passion! I feel truly honored and I fully understand the magnitude of the responsibility that I and my staff have been given. To whom much is given, much is required. Therefore I pledge to keep hair elements™ a salon exclusive product. To only distribute hair elements™ through a secure network of Distributors contractually obligated to honor our commitment. To run my leg of this relay race started by our industry Founding Mother Madame CJ Walker and all the industry trailblazing Founders with all that is in me. Finally to do our best to protect and preserve our industry, an industry that has given generation after generation of salon professionals and their families a better way of life.

Sincerely Allen Y. Bird Sr.
President and Chief Formulator