Pekela's Bio

Pekela 'Pk' RileyPekela ‘pk’ Riley, a nationally featured stylist and graduate of Pivot Point Advanced Academy-Chicago, has become an industry trailblazer in a moderate amount of time. A second generation stylist, propelled by the desire to actualize shared goals and dreams of her loving mother, who was tragically murdered just as Pekela was beginning her journey as a stylist. Growing in strength and ‘choosing joy’ she honored her mothers’ legacy with creative will. Her fabulous coiffures have graced the pages of ‘Sophisticate’s-Black Hair’, Hype-Hair, Salon Digest and other notable hair and insight publications. As the owner of Jacksonville’s most fashion forward salon-{SALON^PK}, Pekela was destined from the start to serve the beauty industry on a higher level. Her dedication, vision and talent have served the likes of big screen actress- Gabrielle Union, national recording artists Jade Harrell & GRITS, television journalist, countless models, and a host of glamorous social elites. Nonetheless, the “Heart of a Stylist” is shared with her abundant clientele that she educates and beautifies regularly in Jacksonville ,Florida.

Pk’s passion has not been limited to behind the chair. As a former pharmacy student, her scientific keenness and commitment to healthy hair compelled a collaborative launching of HAIR ELEMENTS product systems, Co-founded by Allen Moody(Bird)-President. Thriving as Lead Consultant, conceptual branding and chemist collaborative is only a snippet of her infusions into this promising hair care company.

As a contributing beauty/fashion writer for multiple publications & recently promoted Make up& Fashion Stylist for a premiere record label{ Revolution Art /SONY}.With the love and strength of her husband (Ray Riley) and children (Paris, Marcus,& Elexis) whom she is wholeheartedly adore , Pekela continues to flourish in her divine purpose.