Our Story

The hair elements Upscale Salon Exclusive Systems™ brand was originally co-created in June 2002, by partners Allen Bird Sr. (formally Allen Moody Sr.), a former US Marine Corps Recruiter, Logistics Specialist Veteran, and Silky Straight Professional Hair Care Products Line Executive, and Pekela Clark Riley (formally Pekela Clark-Eddy), an up and coming Hair Stylist, Educator, and owner of salon p^k™ in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Early Years

In November 2002 Allen Bird Sr. founded the Allen Moody Group, Inc (AMG, Inc.) a marketing and distribution firm of professional hair care products, of which he serves as President and CEO and Pekela Clark Riley serves as Senior Vice President of Destiny 35, the marketing and research & development division of AMG, Inc.

A Defining Period

In December 2006, there was a dispute over ownership of the original hair elements formulas with the private label company. This led to THE defining moment for hair elements Upscale Salon Exclusive Systems ™, In a decision that forever changed its destiny, Allen and Christie Bird Sr. began formulating and eventually manufacturing hair elements Upscale Salon Exclusive Systems ™ for AMG,Inc. His wife Christie Jones-Bird provided access logistically to the Raw material companies and partner Pekela Clark Riley assisted with product development, along with numerous stylists who’s honest, professional and critical feedback contributed greatly to the finished product. It was because of Faith and not Fear that the transition was made and the foundation laid, from shall we say, waiting for the golden egg to become the goose that lays them.

Finding Purpose

Wow! That seems like ancient history. So much has happened since our formative years. The hair elements™ team's dates with destiny shaped what is poised to be an unbelievable and enjoyable ride for hair elements™. Like the mythical Phoenix that rises from the ashes, so did our beloved brand “hair Elements Upscale Salon Exclusive Systems™.” Like the Phoenix, “hair elements™” has evolved into its higher creation. Now ready to fulfill it original purpose. Which is serving fashion stylist all over the world by partnering and protecting our industry.